Don't see your question here?  Drop us a line at shop@vcgraphix.com


  • Where are you located?  At the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills in beautiful Colorado.

  • What is the best way to contact VCG?  Our preferred communication method is email to shop@vcgraphix.com or fill out our customer contact form here:  https://www.vcgraphix.com/pages/contact.  We make it a priority to respond within 1-2 business days.
  • Where are your stickers made?  Design, production, and fulfillment are all handled in-house at our Colorado shop.  We are hands-on all the way through the process.


    • Can I place a group order for my team / club / organization?  Yes, we provide stickers for groups of all kinds on a daily basis.  Please contact shop@vcgraphix.com with specifics for your group and we will be happy to assist.
    • Can you make custom stickers?  ALMOST every sticker we make is custom with a name, flag, or logo and so the answer is...YES, we make custom stickers, but minimum quantities or artwork charges may apply.
    • What type of files do you need for custom designs?  Ideally, we need a vector-format file, otherwise artwork charges may apply.
      • Can you MATCH the colors on my bike?  Probably not an EXACT match.  Digital printing on vinyl material will never match a paint color.  We prefer to work within the Pantone color family.  http://www.pantone-colours.com/
      • I own a vintage bike and want the original stickers re-created.  Can you do this?  Sorry, we will likely NOT take on this type of project.
      • How can I order the sweet disc wheel stickers I saw on a pro racer's bike?  Thanks for loving the cool stickers we make for pro racing team bikes, but sorry, there are several stickers that we make for pro teams that we cannot reproduce for our retail customers.
      • Do you only make stickers for bikes and the bicycle industry?  No, our stickers are quite durable and can be used on many different items.  VCG was started from a love for two-wheeled sports, but our quality stickers are rugged enough for most outside wear and tear needs.  Go ahead and place your VCG name stickers on your bikes, skis, hockey equipment, football equipment, etc. etc. etc.


      • When will my stickers ship after I place my online order?  Orders are typically processed, printed, and shipped within 1-2 business days.
      • What if my country is not included in the "ship to" list?  Please consider having your sticker order shipped to another location that IS included on our list.  If we've consistently experienced past delivery difficulties with a particular country, we remove that country from our list.  This is done with considerable forethought because we don't like disappointing customers.
      • How do you handle Customs and VAT taxes for international shipments?  We follow all customs declarations when shipping to our international customers.  All customs and VAT taxes are the responsibility of the receiving party.


      • What is your return policy?  Custom products are not returnable; however, we will work with you to find an acceptable solution.


      • How should I prep the surface before installing a sticker?  Usually a simple wipe with alcohol will clean the surface enough for good adhesion.